ELLISE VILLA Instructor - MelRoe's School of Dance Kansas City Dance Studio offering Beginner and Competitive Dance Lessons in Liberty Missouri




Elise began taking dance class at the age of two with Ipson Dance Company in Gladstone, MO. Since her very first class she has loved dance and wanted to learn more. In 2009 she transferred to Diane’s School of Dance in Kansas City, MO where she received training in jazz, tap, ballet, contemporary, funk, commercial hip hop, popping, pointe, and rockett tap, until graduating in 2017. In 2014, while at Diane’s, she became a class assistant for intermediate tap and jazz, as well as intermediate and advanced hip hop. Also in 2014, she joined the Park Hill Dance Team, performing and competing in pom, jazz, and dance team hip hop. In 2017 she joined the William Jewell College Crimson Dancers and competed with the team at the NDA Collegiate Nationals for the first time in 13 years. During her four years with the Crimson Dancers she held various leadership positions for three years, choreographing routines and leading practices. In 2023, after taking a gap year from 2021-2022, she will receive her BA in Written Communication and Technical Live Performance from William Jewell, hoping to expand her experience within the live performance industry. 


Elise currently works as a fundamental and intermediate hip hop instructor for the Academy of the Arts in Shawnee, KS and for MelRoe’s School of Dance in Liberty, MO. She has worked under, and taken class from many professionals in the industry including: Joe Tremaine, Keri LeGrand, Tiffany Maher, Laurie Johnson, Derrick Schrader, Tony Bellisimo, Marty Dew, Susan Henderson, Brock Maze, Francois Desmarteau, Tyrick Patterson, Peter Pinnock, Edith Cruz, Matt Pumanes, and Hollywood. She continues to train with iPush, and takes class regularly from various local instructors around Kansas City. Since the age of 12, and still to this day, she has also been regularly self-taught in hip hop, funk, and popping, learning everything she can from dance content shared around the world. Her passion and drive to continue learning and dancing has only grown, and since 2020 her deep love of teaching has as well.