Booster Club - MelRoe's School of Dance Kansas City Dance Studio offering Beginner and Competitive Dance Lessons in Liberty Missouri


Booster Club for Melroe's School of Dance Liberty Dance Studio for Beginner and Competitive Dance Lessons in Kansas City Missouri

MelRoe's Booster Club is a non-profit organization that allows you to earn tax free dollars to help offset the extra cost of recital costumes, workshop fees and much more. However, the cost of monthy tuition cannot be paid through fundraising. The cost to join is a one time fee of $20.00 per student.

We have been successful in several fundraisers such as selling flowers, trash bags, Red Wheel Foods, selling pretzels during festivals and much more. We have lots of plans for the year ahead and look forward to meeting you.

For complete details please talk to our Booster Club President,or feel free to have her contact you by detaching the below request and placing it in the MelRoe's Booster Club box located in the lobby.



The MelRoe’s Booster Club is a GREAT way to fundraiser money for extra dance expenses. Each family at MelRoe’s can establish an account through the Booster Club and participate in various events throughout the year that can add money to help pay for “extras.” This is also a great opportunity to help take care of recital and competition expenses!




There is a Booster Club bulletin board in the lobby that has all the current and upcoming events posted. You can find forms for the Booster Club next to the bulletin board. Also, please turn in all order forms and Payment Request Forms to the box labeled “Booster Club” in the lobby. If you would like to become a member, please see the front desk for information.


You may send an email to
[email protected]

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  • Water and Snacks for purchase in the office. Sales from these items help fund the Peggy Crum Scholarship Fund
  • Price Chopper/Hy-Vee Coupon Books - $5.00
  • Hy-Vee Coupon Books - $10.00
  • Trash bags (White, Yellow, Blue) - $12.00
  • Fall Festival Pretzel Booth
  • New Fundraiser EACH MONTH